Welfare measures

As it is a private institution, all the teaching and non-teaching staff get all the welfare measures .The following are the welfare measures provided to the teaching and the non-teaching staff.

Welfare measures for teaching staff:

  • Casual leave.
  • Restricted holidays.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Provident fund.
  • The children of the teaching staff are getting fee concession.
  • Semester wise vacations for the teaching faculty.
  • Separate lounges are provided for female and male faculties, where employees can relax and engage in team building activities.
  • Separate computer is given to female staff room.
  • Separate restrooms are provided.
  • Canteen facility is provided for teaching staff in all working days and the rate is normal price.
  • Free transportation facility is provided for the teaching staff.

Welfare measures for non-teaching staff:

  • Casual leave 1 per month.
  • Dussehra bonus Rs.2000 is provided during Dussehra festival.
  • The children of non-teaching staff get fee concession.
  • Non-teaching staffs are provided a tea daily.
  • Free parking facility.
  • Medical allowances.
  • Provident fund.

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